TI’ve been seriously neglecting crafting lately. The “crafts” tag here on Kyla Is Inspired has been pretty lackluster, too. But no longer!

Last weekend, I went to IKEA for a new dresser, and saw this stool, and knew I had to do a craft project with it. I mean, you can’t just go to IKEA for one thing, can you?!
Anyway, I’ve had this project stored in my “Inspiration” folder for months, and when I saw this stool at the store, I knew I had to put my spin on it!

I had no idea this stool was a simple step stool from IKEA that I myself could make! So when I saw it I got way too excited. A quick trip to Michaels, a Saturday Morning, and voila! My very own decorated IKEA stepstool!

Any upcoming crafting projects for you?


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