Happy Friday!

happy friday

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This weekend I’m looking forward to a trip to IKEA (tax-free weekend, woo-hoo!) and heading to a local music fest with some friends. I’m so happy it’s Friday, this week took forever!
What are your plans this weekend?

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9 years ago

Helping my parents with a dinner party tomorrow. I wish I looked that cute hungover (besides the puke part)

I really rather enjoy going to Ikea! It’s actually quite inspiring. =D Have fun!

9 years ago

haha! I love the image of the hangover. :)

9 years ago

Sounds like a great weekend, enjoy!!

9 years ago

I must take a trip to Ikea soon! Have a lovely weekend :) I’ll be sleeping and working!

9 years ago

I love IKEA (and those awesome business cards)! Happy Friday!