Have You Heard of Joules?

Joules.com is a super-cool clothing site, and every piece is so beautiful! With the cooler weather fast approaching, I thought I’d share some of my favorite looks for Fall & Winter! I own approximately 7 too many jackets, but I LOVE jackets…and living in New England, jackets are definitely necessary! Does anyone else seem to have too many jackets, yet still adore them? I really love the look of these quilted jackets!

joules jackets
one // two // three // four

Also, sweaters. I love sweaters, too. I actually need more sweaters in my life. I love that these have animals on them! So fun.

joules sweaters
fox // dalmation

And also also…this is a perfect dress. I can see myself wearing so many different things with it!

joules dress

I have to ask…which of these items from Joules is your favorite?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in partnership joules.com

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9 years ago

i have to agree that’s the perfect dress! Now that it’s cooler, i can totally see myself pairing that off with colorful leggings! yay for fall! and fall also means cute animal sweaters like the dalmation and fox ones!

9 years ago

I love Joules! I always used to buy their clothes for horse riding. I remember I had some amazing pink wellies with multi coloured dogs on. Unfortunately they didn’t wear well when I was walking in muddy fields all day long!

9 years ago

You can’t make me pick just one favourite! These are beautiful Kyla. I love that you share all these wonderful things with us. I love the first jacket, the fox sweater and that dress.


9 years ago

I like the dog sweater too! So cute!
Stumbled upon your blog. Love it! New follower!
Follow me back via GFC?

The dog sweater is amazing!! And I am so in love with quilted jackets this season. Joules looks GREAT!

9 years ago

That fox sweater is too cute!

9 years ago

ooh they have some nice jackets, gotta check them out!

9 years ago

That red riding jacket… wow. All of my hearts.

9 years ago

I’d never heard of Joules until now, but they’re great! I think I might need one of the animal sweaters. Dogs are just too darn cute!

9 years ago

I just checked out their website and I’m in love! I’m in desperate need of a new fall wardrobe and I’m definitely going to buy a few pieces from here!

– Carrie

Wow…I had not heard of them but I’m so glad I do now. That fox sweater is darling! I want that one the most!!

9 years ago

I haven’t! But I kind of really want that fox sweater. :)

9 years ago

what a cute store! thanks for sharing…i’ve never heard of them!

xo the egg out west.

9 years ago

Even though I’d never wear them, the sweaters with the animals are my favourite. So very very cute and reminds me of my childhood

9 years ago

Oh wow!! You should totally become a personal shopper Kyla– you have phenomenal taste!!

9 years ago

I HAVE to have the fox sweater! :D

9 years ago

Oh oh oh, so pretty! I have always said where many girls are purse girls, or shoe girls, I’m a jacket girl. I try and get at least one new jacket a year, and I wear the heck out of ’em! I do so much outside (playing, biking, walking) all year long that it’s a much needed piece of clothing. (I do, of course, also like purses and shoes, too!)

From Joules “Alexi” tunic dress: http://www.joules.com/Women/Dresses/Alexi/Womens-Printed-Tunic/Navy

And this jacket, oh my goodness! http://www.joules.com/Women/New-In/Duchess/Womens-Semi-Fitted-Tweed-Coat%2C-Floral-Lining/Navy HELLO, GORGEOUS!!!

Angie has a new favorite clothing store. ;)