Product & Print // 005

I’m totally in Fall mode right now. I’m ready to wear sweaters & jackets, I’m ready to go apple picking, I’m ready to drink hot cider and I’m ready for the leaves to change.

product & print // 005

product // print

I thought today’s Product & Print is pretty appropriate for that Fall feeling, no?

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9 years ago

um that deer is amazing!! x

9 years ago

agh, yes this is totally inspiring for the fall. That little deer especially!

9 years ago

I am so ready for fall too! I can’t believe it has been 90 degrees around here lately. I want to wear my boots!

9 years ago

That little guy is way too adorable

9 years ago

Aww me too — it took me a bit but I’m finally there. Our trip up north solidified it, I’m ready for the crisp fall air.

Also — I love this. :)

I’m ready for all of that, too! What a sweet little deer.

9 years ago

sooooooooooo cute! hooray for fall.

YES…very appropriate for fall. I love the color scheme. =)

9 years ago

Ohh man I am getting super excited for the Fall season! The transition from summer to fall is always beautiful too. Love that print. I am just imagining all the ways to incorporate it.

9 years ago

That little guy is precious. And I love the colours. So much that I would definitely use them in an outfit.


9 years ago

I love this feature, such a fun visual! And that deer is positively ADORABLE!