Product & Print // 017

How cute is this print? When I get my bar cart project underway, I’d love to have this hanging on the wall. And also, these glasses are so pretty!

product & print 017

product // print

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9 years ago

I absolutely love this!

9 years ago

Oh gosh that print is the cutest…so much fun!

xo erica

9 years ago

That would be the perfect present for my husband – the product and the print!

Ha! This is so great. I would absolutely put this up in a bar!
Isn’t That Charming.

9 years ago

I love the fancy glasses! I really do love beer, but only amber ale or darker.

That really is such a great print! If I loved beer more, it would be great. If only there was one for rum (or maybe there is?). My husband loves rum. =)

Such a pretty print of such nasty drinks ^^ Forgive me, I’m not a fan of beer, and that coming from a girl who lived in the land of chocolate and beer! x

9 years ago

Not even lambic?! Not even PEACH lambic?!

9 years ago

Oh my that is an adorable print! Girly but not too much… My husband likes to collect beer and alcohol bar signs so we stick to his collection. That’s where he gets to share his taste in “decorating” so I’ve never developed my taste. This would be mine though!

9 years ago

HA! The quote at the bottom of that print is hilarious