What I Wore // Metallic Skirt

When I got this skirt for Christmas, I couldn’t wait to wear it. However…the second time I wore it, it snagged :( I’m pretty upset, but it’s still a pretty skirt :/ …I really love midi lengths.

I’ve also only worn these shoes once before, so I decided they were in need of some love. There might be piles of snow on the ground, but I might as well have some fun dressing up!

what i wore // metallic skirtwhat i wore // metallic skirtwhat i wore // metallic skirt

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9 years ago

pretty outfit! and i love the sunlight in the photos.

9 years ago

whoa! check out those shoes! I could use that extra few inches!!

you look amazing!! Love these color combinations!!! Great skirt!

9 years ago

That skirt is beautiful. I hope you can still wear it or mend it. It looks like the best for twirling.

9 years ago

Oh that skirt and colour are lovely. And PS – is that your living room? If so, what type of sofa is that? I really like it!

That skirt is so pretty Kyla! I love the rich berry color :) I’m sorry to hear it snagged :( I had that happen to me on New Years day with one of my fave skirts as well. Luckily, I ripped open a seam so I can try and fix it :) x

9 years ago

GORGEOUS skirt. Gorgeous outfit!!! I’m so sorry the skirt snagged. :(

9 years ago

No snag! Love that skirt! And those shoes! I can’t do platforms, but if I could then I would totally wear those heels! You need to wear them more often :)

9 years ago

I am in love with this whole outfit! It is perfect.

9 years ago

i just found your blog and you are the cutest! love it :)

9 years ago

Love Love Love those shoes! That’s a bummer about the skirt though. Is it possible to fix it?

PS Happy New Year!

I love the color of that skirt – I’m sorry to hear that it snagged. (Ugh!) Hope you have a happy 2013!