Product & Print // 029

I want all of rings from LEIF. How gorgeous are all of the stones? And this print was too much fun not to share. I’m loving these colors, they’re definitely brightening my day since it SNOWED last night. Seriously, it’s Spring tomorrow, pull it together New England weather!

product & print

Also, I wanted to mention again about following me on bloglovin – I’ve gotten a few new GFC followers over the past week and just want to make sure you can all still see my posts after GFC is retired :)

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8 years ago

Those rings are soooo pretty! <3

hi Kyla! Hope you are having a great week. Your blog is nice and uniquely different. I think it just might be the sarcasm.

8 years ago

Oh gosh, those rings are beyond gorgeous!! Following you on bloglovin now :)

xo erica

8 years ago

Loving all the lovely colours in that photo too – very pretty!

xoxo Bree
The Urban Umbrella

8 years ago

I love drusy jewelry :) I think I’m buy a necklace soon
and that poster is so bright and happy :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE the rings.

ooh they’re lovely! x

8 years ago

So pretty! I love how they are displayed on licorice all-sorts! It snowed here too (sigh…) and I’m so sick of it. Spring, where are you??

xox Sammi

8 years ago

Those rings are pretty, but those CANDIES are my favourite candies in the world! I am pulling on my boots right now to go get some. Thanks for the inspiration as always :)

8 years ago

It’s freezing here. I AM SICK OF WEARING BOOTS. :)

Those rings adorable.

Stay warm!

8 years ago

Oh man, those candy’s are my fav!

I adore that print! The colors definitely put me in a better mood on this rainy day. Thanks for sharing!

8 years ago

I want every single one of those gorgeous rings!

I KNOW! What is up with the snow?! Seriously, I can’t believe there is snow on the ground here.

And I love the colors of this – the Shanghai poster is really cool. I want one of my city in colors like that.