Off to Isla Mujeres

kyla is inspired | vacation!

Remember that Lauren Moffatt bikini we were all coveting this summer? Sadly, I don’t own it, but a girl can dream!

I’m so excited – I’m going to Isla Mujeres, Mexico in TWO DAYS with Sam! Not only is it my first vacation, but it’s my first time out of the country – crazy, right? I’m totally ready for a week of sun, teal water and endless drinks.

We’ll be staying at Privilege Aluxes, and it looks so beautiful – I can’t wait to review it. Has anyone else ever been to Isla Mujeres? I’m open to suggestions for what to do! Hoping to go snorkeling and see some sea turtles :)

kyla is inspired | vacation!

See you in a week!

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8 years ago

OH gosh, I know you’re back and everything but for some reason, I missed this post!! This place looks amazing, so gorgeous! I want to go there now :)

8 years ago

cute love the drawing with the moffat bikini :)

8 years ago

I hope you’re having a great time Kyla! Isla Mujeres is so beautiful! everytime I want to take a few days of vacation and go to the beach I want to go there!

8 years ago

Hope you have the best time!! I have never been out of the country either. This looks like the perfect place to start :) Love your illustration too!

8 years ago

I love that illustration!
Hope you have a fantastic trip! I’m so jealous! It looks beautiful there!

8 years ago

HAVE FUN!!!! So jealous of your vacation but you definitely deserve one!

8 years ago

Wow! That place looks gorgeous! Can’t wait to hear all about it! :)

8 years ago

Wooohoo!! These are some awesome news!
Congrats dear!! It’s going to be soo exciting and fun! can’t wait for you to share some awesome pictures from that heaven!

OOoooo how FUN, Kyla!!!! You will have such an amazing time! :)

And how amazingly cute is your illustration?! I love it!