Happy Friday!

There’s something about this time of year that really makes me want to hunker in my apartment, bundle up, and eat delicious comfort foods like french onion soup. This illustration by Lois Van Baarle might just sum up my feelings perfectly!

kyla is inspired | happy friday!

french onion soup | illustration | decemberists poster

Do you have anything planned for this weekend?

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I’m definitely bookmarking that french onion soup! xo

There’s nothing better on a rainy day than French onion soup! I haven’t had it since last time I was in Paris though :( Ah the memories! At home, I’ll have to do with your average tomato soup. Happy Sunday to you – I hope you had a great weekend too! xo

8 years ago

I agree 100%

I’ve been held up in my house making white peach tea and making crock pot soups galore!

Also, I can’t get enough of your illustrations!

8 years ago

I love this post. Im pretty jealous that yall have such a prominent Autumn. Here in NZ it passes in a flash. Summer is soon approaching.

8 years ago

love french onion soup that sounds amazing :)
the drawing is really cute and the poster is really fun!
I’m planning on going to craft show this weekend I’m really excited !!! it’s finally fall

Love French soup!
Natbee’s Fashion

french onion soup is my favorite! never made my own though, so i might have to give that recipe a try!

have a great weekend! hope all is well!

8 years ago

yum! I think it’s the weather that makes us want to eat comfort food, not complaining at all! ;) Have a great weekend Kyla!

8 years ago

mm onion soup!
that sounds delicious :) love loish btw

have a great weekend sweetie