Throwback Thursday | 3

And I’m bringing back more Throwback Thursday! I still think it’s hilarious to go back and look at where you started, and it’s great hearing that so many of you started where I did, too!

Kyla Is Inspired | Throwback Thursday

This particular piece was created using that famous Alice in Wonderland by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue 2003 that we’re all probably familiar with. It’s still one of my absolute favorites! Who else is with me?

Kyla Is Inspired | Throwback Thursday

Do you have any “Throwback Thursdays” you’re willing to share?

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8 years ago

WOW I couldn’t agree more perhaps one of the most magical editorials I’ve ever seen thank you for introducing me to it!

8 years ago

OH YES! I totally remember this spread – it was one of my favorites!! And one that I referenced a time or two in fashion school :) Awesome throwback, girl! love it

8 years ago

Amazing! Thanks for sharing Kyla!

Ohhh how fun! I always love your throwback thursdays! Makes me wish I still kept my work from back in the day!

8 years ago

These are so wonderful! I wish i had some left, but all my work from years ago is loooong gone, when my computer crashed and i lost all my files. Stupid pc’s my lovely mac would never do that :P