What I Wore: Elizabeth Comstock Cosplay

This weekend, I attended RI Comic Con, and dressed as Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite (remember when I confessed I was obsessed?) It was SO much fun – I think I’m going to be cosplaying more!

Sam took these photos this weekend, and they turned out amazing – we found this great building in a small New England town…the town is even paved red, white, and blue. How Columbia is that?

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Has anyone else cosplayed before? There are some seriously amazing cosplayers out there before, it’s a whole new world outside of the regular outfit posts! I hope I can explore this more in the future…

9 Thoughts on What I Wore: Elizabeth Comstock Cosplay
    6 Nov 2013

    Ahhh fun !
    I don’t cosplay no, but there were a ton of cosplay costumes at my school for Halloween this year which was really really fun!


    6 Nov 2013

    Kyla, this is awesome!!! I haven’t played Bioshock but I’ve watched my husband play. You look very much like Elizabeth! You should definitely do more :)

    5 Nov 2013

    not really familiar with bioshock, but your costume looks cute :)

    Erika Lee Sears
    5 Nov 2013

    super cute dress

    Jessica (Coco/Mingo)
    5 Nov 2013

    OMG you look amazing!! I’ve never cosplayed before but my coworker loves that stuff – she attended Comic Con here in NYC all days and had some awesome stories to tell! I’m so glad you had a good time, Kyla!

    Corina Nika
    5 Nov 2013

    I feel so stupid because i have no idea who Elizabeth is.
    But you DO look soooo adorable!!

    Deb Covert
    5 Nov 2013

    Sam did an awesome job on the photos… you really do look like Elizabeth! Great backdrops!!

    5 Nov 2013

    You look amazing Kyla! and those photos are just perfect :)

    6 Nov 2013

    I cosplay all the time! In fact Elizabeth is one of my planned cosplays for the next con season. You make a way better Elizabeth than I would though! :) That photoshoot location is the perfect backdrop for Columbia as well! I can’t wait to see more cosplay photoshoots from you in the future!

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