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I usually spend so much time posting in this column about feminine, bright things that I thought it would be fun and mix it up with something darker and more masculine!

I love the look of wooden iPhone cases – this would make a great gift for anyone looking to update their case! Or how about this graphic wood block? I’ve been all about bold prints this season, and this is such a unique piece! What a statement that would make on a mantle or displayed on a table.

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8 years ago

Awww, I don’t know when you moved blogging homes but I really like it

8 years ago

I love the look of wood on iPhone cases! This one is fantastic! And that graphic blog I love!!

I adore the rustic appeal of the product/print. =D

8 years ago

Ou I love the orange note in this wooden combo.


8 years ago

I’ve been eye-ing a wooden iphone case! This one is so cute! :)
Carla @ Love Cartista