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What I Wore | Teals & Brights

What I Wore | Teals & Brights

December 8, 2013 3:03 pm10 comments

What I Wore | Kyla Is Inspired
I know it’s been a while, but I’m back with a style post! Sam took these killer photos, and I love the way they came out! It’s fun playing around in front of a photo backdrop…and I love the way the colors just pop!

What I Wore | Kyla Is Inspired
I’ve also been wearing these Bonlook Honeybadger glasses almost every day. I know in most of my posts I have contacts in, but the truth is I wear glasses most of the time! I thought it was finally time to show that. I ordered these for myself for Christmas, and I can’t wait to start wearing them.

This color combo (teal & fuscia) is my absolute favorite at the moment, and I love pairing this top and sweater. Sometimes when the weather gets cooler, I love wearing brights pops of color. What colors are you loving this season?


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  • This outfit is so cute! I love bright colors, so pairing them together is perfection!! I’m a proud glasses-wearer too!
    Sincerely, Sara

  • So cute! really love that blue!

  • These photos are so fun! You are too cute. I really like the blue + cherry color combo. Your glasses are awesome! I am loving the size of those frames.

  • wait this is fabulous. I’m usually all about solid neutrals in the winter, but you’ve inspired me to spice up my outfits a little bit. lovely photography, too :)

  • This shade of blue looks awesome on you – so pretty!

  • I’m actually just loving black at the moment which is not that normal for me! I guess sometimes I just crave simplicity. But.. I absolutely love this blue on you. You look adorable and I love your glasses!

  • Ah, I’ve been ‘eyeing’ (haha- sorry) those Honeybadgers! They look lovely on you, and I really like your lighting in these pictures! (And the outfit – there’s nothing better than some bright colours in winter)

  • Seriously love the way these photos came out too, Kyla – the pop of color is amazing against that white backdrop!

  • I’m loving black and beige and almost a sky-green-blue type tone. Like light denim lately! This teal is so great and festive!
    Also your hair almost looks purple here, I figure it’s just the lighting but you could totally rock some deep dark purple hues in your hair!


  • Cute! I picked up some red and teal tops a few weeks ago and I am loving pairing them with chambray and cardigans!

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