Cosplays 2014

Planned Cosplays 2014

After I haphazardly pulled together my Elizabeth Comstock Cosplay for RI Comic Con, I think it gave me cosplay fever! You’ll be seeing quite a bit more from me in this area in the coming year.

Planned 2014 cosplays:

  • Elizabeth Comstock, Older [Bioshock Infinite]
  • Elizabeth DLC [Bioshock: Burial at Sea]
  • Alice Liddell, Siren [Alice: Madness Returns]
  • Asami Sato [Legend of Korra]
  • Caitlyn, Sheriff of Piltover [League of Legends]

I can’t wait to share these costumes, and their progress, with you this year! I got a sewing machine for Christmas, and am already sewing up a storm (I used to sew all the time a few years ago, but stopped when I moved). Elizabeth DLC is done, and I’m working on older Elizabeth currently. It’s such a great way to get better at sewing, and one of my resolutions is to attend more conventions throughout the year.

Does anyone else cosplay? Or know these characters? Since I’m still a novice, I’d love to hear your tips and stories! I’ll be attending the following events…if you’re planning on going to any of these, let me know!

  • Anime Boston, March 21-23
  • PortCon Maine, June 19-22
  • ConnictiCon, July 10-14
  • Boston Comic Con, August 8-10
  • Granite State Comic Con, September 13-14
  • Rhode Island Comic Con, Oct 31-Nov 1

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8 years ago

I can’t wait to see the finished product, Kyla! I just showed my co-worker this post since she’s a big cosplay and comic con lover and she is so excited!! Good luck and have fun!! P.S. I really wish I had a sewing machine, so happy you got one for Christmas!

so awesome!! I can’t wait to see!!

I am a total cosplay rookie, but I am looking forward to the Alice Liddell costume! The image already looks amazing and I can’t wait to see how you transform it to real life. I have a few friends that are into cosplay (and their boyfriends too!) and have sometimes helped them out with their costumes. I’ve never been to a convention myself though :) Must be SO much fun! xo

8 years ago

Oh my gosh. THESE ARE PERFECT. I’m definitely fangirling right now, especially over Asami and Elizabeth Comstock. EXCELLENT choices! I can’t wait to see your progress over the coming year!!