Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

icons of India | caravan dress | vintage travel poster

Well, another week has gone by! Is is just me, or did this one feel extra-long? Anyway. I’m trying to get inspired this week with lots of bright colors, as it has been remarkably cold. When I saw these icons of India and this caravan dress, I knew today’s post would be Indian themed, with the gorgeous, rich purples – a color I’m really loving lately! Where are you drawing your inspiration from this week?

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8 years ago

That floral dress is gorgeous!!
Sincerely, Sara

8 years ago

Love these purples! I’m inspired by Barcelona right now and somewhat wish it was Summer.

Lovin’ these colors and this post in general (and the style of your blog)! I guess I’m back in Kenya this week… especially with this cold weather, I definitely wouldn’t mind being there!

Happy Friday to you! You’re not the only one who felt this week felt longer. After the holidays and breaks and short work weeks, this really did feel particularly long. =)

8 years ago

Those purple shades are just amazing! I feel warmer already with the bright and royal colors :) Stay warm, Kyla! Happy Friday!

8 years ago

I love India. and I love vintage travel posters (especially art deco). What a great post!

This has also been a remarkably long week for me. Something about everyone going back to school and work this week and it being so dreadfully cold (we’ve had -30 degree Celsius temperatures ’round here, yuck!)