JAGE by Carlos Vieira

JAGE by Carlos Vieira

When I stumbled upon this JAGE branding project by Carlos Vieira, I immediately knew I had to share. I love the flat colors and simplicity of the shapes and illustrations.

I really love the ‘flat’ look that’s been popular over the past year or so, and this project is a really great example of how great it can look. Simple is better!

8 Thoughts on JAGE by Carlos Vieira
    9 Jan 2014

    Love the colors! Flat is really fun

    8 Jan 2014

    Beautiful design! You’re right, simple is better!

    Angel Y.
    8 Jan 2014

    This project is beautiful Kyla! Thank you so much for sharing. :) Feedly deleted your feed from my list so sorry I haven’t stop by more often :(

    Jessica (Coco/Mingo)
    8 Jan 2014

    Thank you for sharing, Kyla! I love these! Carlos’ work is amazing – I’m just loving the color combos in these!

    9 Jan 2014

    I think these look great! “Flat” can be really hard to pull off. These are well-done!

    9 Jan 2014

    the palette here is beautiful. I’ve always been a fan of blue+orange, and I think Carlos Vieira uses that combo to great effect. Flat design is my lifeblood, so thank you for the invaluable daily inspiration :)

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