What I Wore | A Cold 2014

Oh look, my first What I Wore post of 2014! I was really hoping for a snowy background, but no such luck. It’s been very cold here lately, but any snow we get seems to melt away within a few days (I’m not complaining!!) but it would have been nice to have some snow for a backdrop, you know?

Kyla Is Inspired | A Cold 2014
Kyla Is Inspired | A Cold 2014
Kyla Is Inspired | A Cold 2014

sweater | similar skirt | boots | similar scarf

This is actually one of my favorite outfits to wear, both to work and just for fun. This sweater was a Christmas gift, and I’ve been wearing it at least once a week ever since. My mom knit this amazing scarf for me, and it’s the warmest, coziest scarf I’ve ever worn. Definitely necessary for a cold winter day!

I have some exciting posts planned for the next month, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

If it’s cold where you are, how are you keeping warm?

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8 years ago

I love that sweater! The bead details are so cute! And I’m totally loveing that scarf too! Your mom did a great job! :)

8 years ago

Love your outfit especially your chunky scarf and embellished top :)
It doesn’t normally get really cold in TX but this year has been an exception I broke down and got a pair of fuzzy boots and boot socks ;)
And I have been layering a lot

What a gorgeous Christmas present from your mom! It’s always the hand made gifts that mean the most. And I agree with you on the snow – it’s so nice to have as a fresh, white background for photos… but other than that, it can go away haha. I live on the west coast of Canada and the temperature has been hovering around 10 degrees celcius (about 50 degrees fahrenheit I think) so it’s not too bad. I like bundling up in lots of layers when it’s really cold though. I’m taking a whole lot of inspiration from this look… Read more »

Well, (un)fortunately, for us here in the West Coast we are experiencing some unseasonably warm weather. It might feel good but I actually would prefer it to rain…since we’re not in drought! Eeps.
In better news, I do love your outfit. That sweater is fabulous!

8 years ago

You look great!! I can see what you mean about that sweater – I also got a really amazing sweater for Christmas that I’ve been wearing at least once a week (hehe)!

8 years ago

This sweater is so cute! Love that is could easily be dressed up or down, aren’t those just the perfect pieces?! PS – saw in your profile you love Chai Tea – one of my faves as well! So yummy!

8 years ago

You look beautiful Kyla! I love that skirt paired with that sweater, so cute!

8 years ago

Eeee, I love this outfit! It’s actually getting warmer here – though every year I fall for this, and then we get a snowstorm!

8 years ago

That sweater is very cute indeed, i like the small little details that add just a bit of magic and sparkle!


8 years ago

My mom also knits me scarves and I love them a lot! Your sweater is so nice. I wish the cold would go away!

8 years ago

Love the sweater!

8 years ago

Everything about this outfit is so cute!! I love all the buttons on your coat, the embellishments on your sweater, your skirt, your boots! Love it!!