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Today we have a very pink, very girly Product & Print! I didn’t want to make it too Valentine-themed, but hey, you can never have enough pink!

Kyla Is Inspired | Product & Print

I know we’ve all probably seen the Dr. Jekyll tonic water floating around, and I know it’s not technically a product, but it’s too great not to showcase here. And the print is actually an experimental type project that’s so much fun to look at.

What prints are you loving this week for Valentine’s day?

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Oh I love this product and print, Kyla! I actually haven’t seen the Dr. Jekyll tonic water so thank you for introducing me to that! All this pink is perfect for Valentines!

7 years ago

Both are such fabulous examples of great design! Totally agree that one can never have enough pink :)

7 years ago

the dr. jekyll tonic water is so cool and retro/modern how fun :)
always love the stuff you find :)

7 years ago

I really love that Dr. Jekyll bottle! Such a fantastic design. I can’t get enough of this series and it continues to be one of my favorites.

7 years ago

I really love that print. It’s kind of mesmerizing!