Throwback Thursday | 4

And I’m back with another (slightly less embarrassing than the previous few) Throwback Thursday!

Kyla Is Inspired | Throwback Thursday

Clearly, back then I was still really into fashion editorials. I would comb the internet finding shoots to use in these really weird collages I did. This one uses The Chicest Show On Earth featuring Jessica Stam. You can see the whole shoot shot by Laspata DeCaro here.

Kyla Is Inspired | Throwback Thursday

Do you have any old works you want to share? I love seeing how people have evolved!

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7 years ago

I don’t think your collages are weird, I used to love to make collages too! I made a huge one for my best friend with some of our inside jokes, and I used to make some as wall art in my room. I should make some collages now, I need some happy fun stuff in my cube! thanks for the inspiration I love seeing how people have evolved too :)

7 years ago

Oh my god I used these same photos for my own little layout collages back then too! This was probably my favourite editorial – I used to comb through them all the time trying to find cool outfits and poses and this was DEFINITELY a favourite of mine. Wow, what a throwback! I wish I could find my pieces using these!