What I Wore | Joules Part 2

Remember when I posted about my Joules dress a few weeks ago? Well, here is part 2! I had a great time wearing and shooting these outfits.

Kyla Is Inspired | Joules
Kyla Is Inspired | Joules
Kyla Is Inspired | Joules

I really can’t say how much I love these Joules dresses. I have now worn this polka dot dress about six times since getting it, dressing it both up and down. The shape of this dress is really flattering; I had always shied away from wrap dresses because I thought they didn’t look good on my small bust – and boy was I wrong! This is one of the greatest shapes I’ve worn. Do you have a favorite style? Or maybe you have a style that you haven’t tried, but want to? I’d love to know!

Kyla Is Inspired | Joules

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8 years ago

I absolutely adore this dress on you. It looks lovely, especially paired with the purple shoes! :)

8 years ago

You look absolutely stunning in that dress! Great photos… kudos to the photographer!

8 years ago

Ow, ow! So pretty, Kyla! I love that you paired it with those shoes, too! :)

8 years ago

What a gorgeous dress/outfit on you! Also I love that chair (what do you even call those ones… the circular basket-y one…) and it makes me want to cuddle up in one with a book ahhhh


8 years ago

That dress is so so lovely on you! The color and fit are perfect!
Sincerely, Sara