Color Me | White

Kitty and I are back with another Color Me series! And this month we decided to do white. I actually found this one to be a challenge for me, only because I typically go for bright colors. But it was fun! And with it starting to feel more and more like summer with the heat, white was perfect.

color me | white

ceramic spoons | white heart stickers | scalloped skater dress
sparkling water packaging | red eyes by zatransis | paper dolls editorial by the makerie studio | “white” by uturo128


Let’s talk about those amazing illustrations – who knew white could have so much depth? And I love the paper dolls project – so creative.

Be sure to check out Kitty’s post! And I’m curious…what inspires you about the color white?

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7 years ago

Love the scallop detail on the dress and the paper doll art is so fun!!

7 years ago

I’d like a cool drink of that stellar sparkling tap water packaging.

7 years ago

LOVE that scalloped back! whoa!

7 years ago

ha! We both picked the paper doll editorial :) Great minds, huh? I’m a sucker for stickers, loving those white hearts too! Nice selection, as always :)

7 years ago

You can never go wrong with classic white! That paper dolls project is SO cool!