Cosplay | Alice Madness Returns

Today I’m excited to share my newest costume, Alice from Alice: Madness Returns! Alice In Wonderland was of course one of my favorites as a kid, and playing this game last year only enforced my love of her. I actually had some pretty ambitious dreams to cosplay a different version of her, but the outfit proved too difficult. So I scaled it back and made a simpler version of her…and I’m pretty happy with it!

Kyla Cosplay | Alice: Madness Returns
Kyla Cosplay | Alice: Madness Returns

Alice holds this amazing Vorpal Blade, which was the first prop I’ve ever created. The handle is model magic – remember that stuff from childhood? It sure made me feel nostalgic. I’m curious, would anyone be interested in walkthroughs/mini tutorials of anything? I usually take progress photos of everything, I’m just wondering if anyone was interested.

Kyla Cosplay | Alice: Madness Returns
Kyla Cosplay | Alice: Madness Returns
Kyla Cosplay | Alice: Madness Returns

While I love Alice and this costume, I don’t think I’ll be wearing her to any cons. Sam took these amazing photos, which is enough for me (plus I have big plans for my cons this summer!). I do have to say though, Alice has some pretty fabulous outfits ;) If I have the time, there’s a few more I’d like to create!

ALSO – I caved, and made a facebook page for all of my cosplay stuff! It would mean a lot to check it out. :)

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This is amazing! Love it :) x

That looks fantastic! I love this game :) And this is one of the best cosplays of it I have seen by far :)

That’s awesome! You look amazing hardly recognizable!! That’s awesome you made the handle yourself! It’s really detailed! Also love your Alice graphic lol :)
Do you follow nerd burger she does cosplay too & good 4 U making a fb page! I should make one for my shop :)

You look awesome! Love your expression in these. I would love to see mini tutorials or WIP shots, I admire your work c:

This is freaking awesome! You did a fantabulous job!!

You look amazing! It makes me want to play this game :)

I’m just so excited i wanna cry!! My favourite game of all times, and i just adore Alice! and that twisted version of hers! You did such an insanely great job! love it love it!! would die to see more!

I’ve never played this game, but you look awesome!