Ah, summer. It’s ironic that I’m posting this when I am, as it’s been raining for the past few days, and will continue to for a few more. It’s a little chilly too, but I know the warm, sunny weather is close. Though, I’m not terribly mad about the rain because it makes me feel less bad about staying in and sewing, ha!

Kyla Is Inspired | Summer List

Banana Dancing by Marta Angel | Hot Shit by Mary Kate McDevitt
Ice Lollies by Jordon Cheung | 3D Type by Andrew Footit
Modcloth Panoramic Picture Swimsuit

What I love most about summer is being outside in the sun, and enjoying cold treats. I love sitting on a blanket and baking in the sun (though don’t forget your spf!).

What do you love most about summer? Do you have any plans for the next coming months?

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4 Thoughts on Currently Loving | Summer
    Nina @ Flowers in my Hair
    12 Jun 2014

    it’s been raining here too. hopefully today the outside matches this post!!

    Angel Y.
    12 Jun 2014

    Loving all of these! They’re so bright and perfectly summer. I’m just hoping to survive the heat and taking each day as I can. :)

    13 Jun 2014

    Love that group of Popsicles!! I know how you feel about the rain – it’s been coming down here daily for about the past week. Hopefully it’s almost done for both of us!

    15 Jun 2014

    love these fun prints! the bananas and the Popsicles and that 3D stuff is awesome :)
    I love summer food cool refreshing meals and summer style, gotta keep it cool and comfortable

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