Happy Friday!

Hope everyone has had a nice week! This weekend I’m excited to focus on working on my upcoming cosplays, and relaxing. Hoping for some sunshine!

happy friday!
happy friday | pastels & pretties

I know I’ve posted a few Adventure Time cosplays in the past, but this one by Kyoosh (Kate) really takes the cake (heh). The costume is so well done and she really embodies Fionna. Plus the cake plush is adorable!

There’s been an influx of delicious looking recipes on pinterest lately, and my sweet tooth is really going crazy. I’m thinking this weekend I want to try out these ice cream cookie cups – don’t they look so refreshing and yummy?

Victor Vergara is fast becoming one of my favorite illustrators, and I’m obsessed with his Dragones project. His style is so much fun, and I love how much personality each of the dragons has – plus the attention to detail is amazing.

What do you have planned for this weekend?

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This is so cool. Thanks so much for sharing!

love this friday roundup! yay for fionna and cake that’s probably one of my favorite episodes :) love the ice cream cookie cups and those dragons are adorable :)


Wow! Really love Victor Vergara’s artwork – thank you for introducing me to it. Been scanning the Behance page for a while now :P

Happy friday girl! can’t wait to see more cosplays :)