Cosplay | Fionna (Adventure Time)

This costume was completely not planned, and really just happened over the course of a couple of weeks. I got this cute Fionna tin from Loot Crate last month, and was inspired to make this costume in time for PortCon Maine.

Kyla Cosplay | Steampunk Fionna

There are a ton of really great Fionna costumes that I’ve seen, so I decided I wanted to be a bit different and make it a Steampunk version (I love seeing steampunk costumes!). So I embarked on making my first fully-boned corset, and am so happy with how it turned out. Overall, I’m really pleased with this costume, and how I created it. Once again, Sam took amazing photos!

Kyla Cosplay | Steampunk Fionna
Kyla Cosplay | Steampunk Fionna
Kyla Cosplay | Steampunk Fionna
Can I also just mention, lightening your eyebrows is really hard when you have nearly black eyebrows? Does anyone have tips for this?

I’ll be wearing this costume to Connecticon this weekend (along with Caitlyn from League of Legends)…is anyone else going to be there? Come and say hi if you are!

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This is totally adorable – and I love steampunk as well

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! I <3 Fionna and Cake. :)

This blows my mind! Well done!

I love the steampunk twist! It looks amazing

So cute!! :D

So cute, great job! I’m not up on Steampunk too much, but I find myself drawn to Steampunk cosplays. And I love Adventure Time, double win!

That’s ridiculously cute! I’m so impressed by the corset–I’ve been living in fear of making a corset for a while now, lol :)

Mango Sirene has a really good tutorial on a few ways to change your eyebrow color. I like the glue/acrylic method the best, because it allows for so many different colors.

So so so so cute! You are amazing for creating this in such a short amount of time.

This is soo cute! I love the corset, it came out perfect <3

I love adventure time YAY!!! you did a great job i can’t believe you made a corset!
love the steampunk twist you look adorable :)

Wow! This is great Kyla, looks so good!

Whoa. You hit this one out the park. You look amazing!

Cute cute cuute! I love this! Well done on the corset, looks great!