Cosplay Round-Up | Popstar Ahri

For this cospaly round-up, I’m featuring one of my favorite League of Legends champions, Popstar Ahri! Ahri is one of my absolute favorite champions to play, and this skin of hers is my favorite. I love the sailor vibe with the modern popstar uniform. Check out some of these fantastic cosplayers who have done Popstar Ahri!

cosplay round-up | popstar ahri
cosplay round-up | popstar ahri

tasha cosplay | mitu kat | tomia | trang doll | tessu

cosplay round-up | popstar ahri

I don’t think Ahri is going to make it onto my future cosplay list, but I really do love her.

What kinds of cosplay round-ups would you like to see on the blog?

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7 years ago

wow, those tails are something else, a very complicated cosplay indeed :)

7 years ago

Awww, Ahri! She was my favorite before I stopped playing. I thought about cosplaying her (probably the foxfire skin), but those tails look like a big pain to make. Haha. :)

7 years ago

These are great! I think my favorite is the first one :)