Happy Friday!

Can you believe it’s July 12 already? Crazy! I’ll be at Connecticon this weekend – I can’t wait! I’ll be wearing a new cosplay that I’ve been staying up late all week trying to finish.

Happy Friday!
Happy Friday!

Has anyone else been craving pop tarts recently? Because I have. I used to love them as a kid, so when I saw that Cooking Classy had a recipe for homemade pop tarts, I got really excited. I will definitely be making these soon!

I love this fun sweets print from Ana Monteil – I’m all about these colors right now! And especially in the summer, I naturally gravitate towards anything with ice cream on it ;)

Jonathan Hamilton/tsuaii always produces gorgeous illustrations, and this LeBlanc illustration from League of Legends is no exception. The shading and colors are perfect, and I love her expression. His work is worth checking out!

Do you have plans for this weekend?

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Ohhh I want a batch of those homemade pop tarts. Like, right now. :) Also, that illustration is not an actual Le Blanc Riot skin, is it? Looks good enough to be official!

I was never big on poptarts as a kid but lately I am! lol I discovered the unfrosted brown sugar ones and OMG I’m addicted!

Pretty pattern btw! And for my weekend.. I think my hubby and I are taking my niece out to chuck e cheese! Should be fun… or a big headache… ah, we shall find out! ;)

Enjoy CTCon! I’ll be off RVing in Cape May this weekend until Wednesday.

can’t wait to see some pictures of you!

I think haven’t eaten a pop tart in years! Now I’m craving them haha. Happy Friday, Kyla!

Homemade pop tarts?! That sounds fun! I used to love them as well, and sometimes I still find myself eating them. Not super healthy, but they’re easy, haha. Hope you have a blast at Connecticon! :)