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Here’s a bright and cheerful Product & Print for your Tuesday morning!

I love the fun Colorful Pinwheels print by Danny Ivan. Wouldn’t it look great in a kid’s room, or a craft room?

I’ve loved Momiji dolls for a while, and have been wanting to purchase one for my vinyl toys collection (not like I really need more!). One of these cuties would look great in the same room that pinwheel print is hanging in, wouldn’t it? I’m thinking the Adventure one!

What items would you put in a kid’s or craft room?

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7 years ago

that pinwheel print is really bright and fun :)
and I love the little adventure girl she’s adorable!
anything that’s whimsical and inspiring is great for a craft or kids room I think :)

7 years ago

Those pinwheels would look great in MY bedroom! hehe but yes, perfect for a kid’s room too ;)

7 years ago

Hah. Your paragraph about Momiji is spot on for me. I’m dying to get one, but I really need to stop spending money! I have my eye on the ice cream blind box + the cuddle love bug. :)

Maybe I’ve missed previous posts about it (being relatively new to your blog), but I’d love to see your vinyl toy collection! I have way too many, too… mostly Kidrobot and Tokidoki. :)

7 years ago

Danny’s print is absolutely gorgeous! Love the colors and the illustration is so clean.