Cosplay | Caitlyn, Part 2

Finally, here is my part 2 of my Caitlyn cosplay! I wore this to both Connecticon & Boston Comic Con, and had so much fun wearing it.

Kyla Cosplay | Caitlyn
Kyla Cosplay | Caitlyn
Kyla Cosplay | Caitlyn

Jinx | Rutuli Cosplay

Kyla Cosplay | Caitlyn
Photos shot by!

If you’re looking to see how I made this costume, go here! And if you have any specific questions I’d be happy to answer them. It was a learning process with the gun and hat, but ultimately I’m happy with them.

Do you have a favorite League of Legends character?

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I absolutely love this! Cait is actually my main in League but I don’t see a lot of people cosplay her. You did an amazing job! I also love Lulu & MF a lot too n_n

It looks so good! Awesome pics!

I don’t play League of Legends, but I love this outfit. The prop looks great as well.

That is really really cool. I wish I had talent/patience for cosplay!

I love the hat! You look amazing and wonderful photos!

love the last pic with the lighting effect :)
this costume turned out great! you did such an awesome job :)

Wow! This is awesome!! You look bad ass amazing!

That weapon is badass! I love the pic of you & Jinx. :)

Love the first shot! And the colors of this whole costume! Also, you look so good with long hair! :)