Fall Things That Make Me Say “Yay”

In New England, the weather has been really strange – one day it’s very chilly and the next it’s 83 and humid! I’m ready for the weather to make up it’s mind and be Fall already ;) I’m so ready for boots and blazer weather!

Meanwhile, here are a few things about the upcoming season change that make me say “yay”:

Fall 2014 Wishlist

zhivago pattern | ‘all that glitters’ illustration | maple sugar bourbon peach crisp
diy painted utensils | merida by angela clayton | pumpkin donuts

What are you most excited about for Fall?

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7 years ago

That peach crisp… my mouth is watering.

7 years ago

That’s exactly how it is in Tennessee all year every year, haha! We had our first frost last night, but in the middle of the week it’s supposed to be back up to the mid 80’s. So weird!

7 years ago

i love that dress in the first bubble!!! yes I’m very ready to be wearing boots and sweaters but something tells me I’m going to have to wait a bit longer

7 years ago

All of this makes me want fall even more! We have the same kind of up and down weather and it is so frustrating!

7 years ago

Yum! Love the colours in that dress. I definitely love that rusty reds come back for fall. They’re some of my favourite colours!

7 years ago

That peach crisp looks AMAZING, great selection!

7 years ago

That Merida is gorgeous! I am definitely excited for cool weather! Cool weather means tights, scarves and sweaters… and those things make me happy. ;)

7 years ago

That Merida outfit is so AWESOME!!!

7 years ago

Tell me about it! It’s been such a confusing week, weather-wise! I’m ready to break out my sweaters already!!

7 years ago

The weather is doing the same thing here in Colorado. I’m with you, I’m ready for the weather to commit to being cooler! Also, love the “yay” list!