Cosplay | Spellthief Lux

Happy Monday! I’m excited to be sharing another one of my costumes with you. This time it’s Spellthief Lux from League of Legends!

Kyla Cosplay | Spellthief Lux
Photo: Felix Wong Photography

Kyla Cosplay | Spellthief Lux

Kyla Cosplay | Spellthief Lux
Photo: Shelley Cosplay & Photography

Hood: The hood pattern was drafted by me and is made out of suede. I did have a simplicity cloak pattern, but got so frustrated with it that I scrapped it and made my own! I used about 4 yards of muslin making mock-ups. I edged it in purple satin and used puff paint for the design.

Staff: I loosely followed Courtney’s Lux staff tutorial. Great resource if you’re looking to build the staff. However, I only used worbla for the ends and twisted them more than the tutorial, and the effect personally was more like the splash art.

Belts: All belts were made from upholstery leather I got at Jo-Anns, and I bought the buckles on etsy.

Potion bottles: I used these sand art bottles, and filled them with gel beads.

The shirt was bought at target, and I poked holes in plain corduroy pants and laced them up the sides with leather cords.

Kyla Cosplay | Spellthief Lux

Kyla Cosplay | Spellthief Lux
Photo: Shelley Cosplay & Photography

I wore her to Granite State Comic Con, and hope to re-wear at a future convention as it’s a pretty comfortable costume and easy to wear. This particular character is my favorite to play in the game, and this skin is my favorite to use while playing her. If you play League, have you played her before?

Be sure to follow along on my Facebook page for more of my cosplay progress shots.

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4 years ago

What did you do for the armbands? It looks like it’s just fabric. Also did you buy the side pouch somewhere? How did you attach the book to the belt? Was it glued or tied? The whole cosplay looks beautiful. I’m working on my own spellthief lux cosplay and have been perusing the internet for ideas. I hope you can respond since i realize this post is more than 2 years old. Thanks!

6 years ago

Gorgeous! This is so spot on and I love the colors you used. What brand / type of wig did you wear for this? It looks like an Arda Ferrari.

7 years ago

Wow! Awesome job, Kyla – I love this one!

7 years ago

I’m yet to play League of Legends. It’s killing me that everyone has been talking about it and I didn’t play it yet! Ugh!
On another note: that pattern on the hood is a killer! Great job!

7 years ago

I love this outfit, Kyla! I want to get into LoL. I plan on playing more soon!

7 years ago

So I did not know you cosplayed let alone played League! This is amazing! I love playing Lux but when I’m up against her its super annoying haha. Your cosplay is so well done and so polished! I’ve cosplayed a few times and always wanted to get back into it!


7 years ago

Wow! you are getting more intricate and detailed all the time!!!
the hood looks awesome!! your pattern came out wonderful and the puff paint design is great!

you are inspiring me to get back into sewing clothes :)

7 years ago

Love it, you look amazing!

7 years ago

You look amazing Kyla! Seriously, I love it!