Fun Flash Drives

Who doesn’t love a good flash drive, am I right? I was clearing out some of my old bookmarks and found these drives, and it prompted me to want to pull together some of the most fun drives I could find. So, here’s a whole bunch of clever flash drives that look way cooler than those boring ones we probably all have:

Fun Flash Drives

empty memory by logical art | kate spade bow | wooden usb stick by oooms | clé usb keys
data clips by nendo | marceline mimobot | sabochan MIMOBOT® by tokidoki

Do you have a fun flash drive, or any sort of crazy fun tech gadgets? I’m feeling quite embarrassed of my cruzer drive which yes, I still use…

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I love the key one- but these are all so creative!

Hah, funny you should include Sabochan. I have her! She’s staring at me right now (she’s currently a computer decoration as I don’t currently use a USB drive for anything). :)

Mine are all really boring, too… I want those paperclip ones! These are all so fun, I’d love pulling one of these out of my bag!

Ok, these are so cute! I love the Keys :)

Ok, these are so cute. I really like the Key flash drives!

oh my gosh i love cute flash drives
your picks are great especially the adventure time characters :)

I would totally use those data clips – very clever!

Loooove the ones in the top left! I used to have a yoda one, it was always so fun to open my purse and see a little mini yoda in there!