Future 52

I came across the Future 52 project last week, and boy, what a great idea it is. “Fifty-two weeks. Fifty-two creators. Fifty-two creations.”

This blog was created to help a Bishop, an employee of “The Company”, in the year 2297. As detailed in the below time transmission, an apocalyptic scenario on Earth has led Bishop to once again seek the help of designers and illustrators from our time period.

Read more about the project and it’s creators here.

Future 52

DoughBo Spy Bot by Justin Pervorse | Clean Up Crew Orbital Base #17 by Alex Riegert-Waters
Flexoskeletal Hover Patrol Suit by Chaz Russo | 2K/2K Vision by Logan Faerber
The S.S. Rum St-ARGH-ship by Adam Grason

Make sure you go check out the entire project – there are so many creative illustrations here! Which of these are your favorites?

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7 years ago

These are great, I really like the last one! A ship in space… Love it!