Happy Friday!

So the biggest news about today (and what really makes it a ‘happy friday’) is that I got tickets to Pax East 2015! It’s the biggest gaming convention on the east coast, and since I missed out on tickets last year, I was very stressed about it this year. It was a stressful few days figuring out the tickets and hotel, but I’m going! I couldn’t be more excited.

Here’s a couple of things you might find interesting on this friday.

happy friday!
happy friday!

Interstellar by Machiavellicro is an amazing digital painting. I love anything to do with space, and this is one of those pieces that takes you somewhere – it’s stunning work.

This Lion Club of Cintra by cosplayer Valeria aka ShadowNek matches so perfectly with the above illustration that I had to put these together. Beautiful cosplay/costume/photo.

What’s inspiring you this week?

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7 years ago

That’s awesome, I’m glad you got tickets! MA is too far for me, I can’t afford to go (WAAAH!!) but I hope you have a fun time!! :)

7 years ago

Woohoo!! My bf and I have been to Pax Prime the last two years (he’s been going longer than I have) and it’s always so much fun. So tough to get tickets, though (I assume it’s the same for Pax East)! He and I both had the Pax twitter notifications on AND a network of people who all agreed to message each other when the tickets went up. Hah. So crazy.