Cosplay | Asami Sato

How many of you are Legend of Korra fans? I’ve been a fan of the whole series (The Last Airbender) since day one. So of course, I wanted to cosplay Asami Sato :) And I was lucky enough that Sam wanted to be my Korra!

Kyla Cosplay | Asami Sato

These next few photos were taken by my friend Rob of The Geek Generation.

Kyla Cosplay | Asami Sato
Kyla Cosplay | Asami Sato
Kyla Cosplay | Asami Sato

Jacket & Shirt: I used an existing jacket pattern, and modified it to taper at the sides and come to a point in the front. The front panel is red suede and lined in bias tape. I added the gears to the shoulders before sewing the sleeves to the jacket, and ironed on the elbow patches on. The shirt beneath the jacket is a purple stretch turtleneck that I used a shirt I already had as a pattern.

Pants: Ah, the pants. I made these from scratch. Yes, scratch. They are velcro-ed together at the crotch. You don’t want to know how many tears I shed over these pants. Next time I make pants, I’m using a pattern.

Glove: This tutorial is amazing. I used the foam for the fingers and dome lights like she did, and relied heavily on model magic to make the extra pieces.

Wig: Arda Matlida in black. I trimmed the whole thing and added a teal clip made from model magic.

Kyla Cosplay | Asami Sato

I can’t believe this whole series is ending in a few weeks. So much of my life has been spent watching it, and it it is my favorite show ever. While Asami isn’t my favorite character (tie between Sokka and Katara), she definitely has the best wardrobe. Hopefully I’ll get to wear her again in the future!

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5 years ago

Hi, I was just wondering what patterns you used for the pants and jacket. I’m having a hard time trying to find some online.

6 years ago

Wow this is really great! I am also interested in making my own Asami outfit and was wondering if you would be able to send be the patterns or at least tell me which kind of coat pattern you used. I have searched everywhere for something close and haven’t gotten anything close

6 years ago

Love your Asami cosplay! I am thinking of doing her myself and was wondering what fabric you used for the jacket?
Thanks so much!