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Winter is definitely here to stay for a while, and I’m still trying to adjust. One thing I do really like about winter are the accessories – I love being warm, so I own tons of scarves and hats. This week’s product & print is a tribute to just that!

Product & Print

I really love this scarf from anthropologie – I would never spend $58 on a scarf, but it’s fun to dream, right? I’m sure I could find similar fabric and re-create this.

‘Frozen Lemons’ is one of my favorite prints from Lois van Baarle. Lois’ work is always so colorful, and her girls always look so cozy. And going with the scarf theme, this gal has got a great one! I would wear that in a heartbeat if it was real.

What are you doing this season to stay warm?

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7 years ago

Lois has been my favourite for soooo many years now! Her style is just remarkable :)

7 years ago

Was about to say – the scarf she’s wearing in that illustration is the bomb! LOVE the colours!

7 years ago

Being able to wear cute scarves is one of the things I really like about winter… and the cute tights too! :)