Cosplay | Elsa

You guys. Last year I said that you would never catch me doing a Frozen costume…and come 2015, I was all about creating Elsa! It must have been the snow…but I’m *officially* a Frozen cosplayer now! Is there some sort of club I get to join?

Kyla Cosplay | Elsa
Kyla Cosplay | Elsa

Here in New England we have gotten walloped with snow. The first snow I was super excited to get out and shoot this costume, but now the snow is just excessive. I’m sure feels right at home, but me? I’m a fan of warmer weather.

Kyla Cosplay | Elsa
Kyla Cosplay | Elsa
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Also, don’t forget to follow along on my Facebook Page! I post lots of progress photos and final shots. I’m thinking of doing a post sharing my Elsa progress…not a tutorial, just photos of the process. Would you be

interested in that?

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yes your process is always interesting, it’s always fun to see how you interpret things and make them tangible. also you are a trooper it looks so cold in those pics but you look great :)

Love it! You look amazing :)

I LOVE this!! Your dress is absolutely beautiful!

I LOVE this!! You make such a beautiful Elsa and that costume is gorgeous!

Wow! That is gorgeous! I love it!

This is so sparkly and winter wonderland-y, love it! also blonde hair totally suits you :P

Gorgeous! Elsa’s blue dress is just too pretty to resist, huh?

<3 Kelsea | Kels Shark

You look great! At least the snow was good for something!