Illustration | Penelope, Space Cadet Take 2

Remember when I first shared my little character Penelope? Well, I’ve created a new illustration with her!

You might have also noticed, she’s featured at the top of my brand new layout! Yep, I finally re-vamped my site, made it mobile friendly, and added a new page for my cosplay. Yay!

Penelope, Pin-Up Space Cadet

Penelope, Pin-Up Space Cadet

Once the hype of PAX East dies down, I’ll have some more time to myself to focus on blogging and drawing more. But for now…must.finish.costumes (I was ambitions and am making three…). Anyone else going to be at PAX?

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6 years ago

cool love all your colors and tiny details :)
your new site layout looks great!
3 is a lot of costumes!! Can’t wait to read your recap of the experience :)

6 years ago

Yes! to mobile-friendly sites. :)
I love the illustration. She could be something like a cheerleader from The Jetsons! =D

6 years ago
Reply to  Kelly Brito

Ha – I loved the Jetsons growing up, she would fit right in!