Top 3 Games from PAX East

Before I get into this post, I will admit, I did not play as many games at Pax East than I wanted. However, there were three that stood out to me and that I definitely want to play this year.

1. Chariot

Cariot is a couch co-op platformer that can be played alone or with a friend. Players take the role of the brave Princess or her faithful Fiancé as they maneuver the departed king’s coffin-on-wheels through 25 levels set in 5 vibrant underground environments, with his majesty’s ghost giving them a piece of his mind every step of the way.

Favorite PAX Games | Chariot
Every day I came back to play this game, it’s that good. While it’s marketed as a co-op, you can play by yourself though it will be harder. The physics are so much fun (bouncing and climbing all while holding onto the chariot) and is truly a team effort to win. There’s many levels that get more difficult as you play. I’ll be buying this for Wii. (also: highly recommend watching the Co-optitude Let’s Play with this game.)


2. Transistor

Transistor is a sci-fi themed action RPG that invites you to wield an extraordinary weapon of unknown origin as you fight through a stunning futuristic city.

Favorite PAX Games | Transistor
So Transistor technically isn’t a new game, but I have been wanting to play it for a few months now. I can’t even say how excited I was that I was able to play this. It’s a turn-based game and you play as Red, a femme-fatale with a talking sword. I only played for a few minutes but I’ve already bought this to start playing on Steam (also available on PS4). If you played Bastion, you need to play Transistor.


3. Extreme Exorcism

Extreme Exorcism is an action platformer with a spooky twist. You play as Mae Barrons, tiny medium at large who is tasked with ridding a haunted house full of evil spirits. Instead of using seances and crystal balls, Mae uses rocket launchers, swords and a kickass arsenal to get her point across.

Favorite PAX Games | Extreme Exorcism
I admit, I learned the name of this game after I played…because I wouldn’t play a game with “exorcism” in the title willingly. But this game isn’t scary, instead it’s a fun, 16-bit game that can be played with up to four people. I played once, and watched as my friends played again for a second time later that day. I also learned from my friend who interviewed the creators that when the ghosts spawn, they mimic your last move…so it’s a bit of a strategy game, too!


Did you go to Pax? If you didn’t, are you looking forward to any games this year?

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7 years ago

Transistor has me highly intrigued!

7 years ago

That’s awesome you were able to attend PAX East! I really wanted to go. Those games look great – Definitely going to check those out!