Happy Friday

And I’m also back to regular Happy Friday posts!

Kyla Is Inspired | Happy Friday!

Great Little Place by Tobias Hall
This design belongs to a four-part series that feature some of London’s hidden gems by using drop caps. It makes me want to visit London! You can purchase prints of all four designs here.

Grilled Lobster with Garlic Parsley Butter
So big news in my life: A few months ago I learned I wasn’t allergic to shellfish! I haven’t tried many dishes with lobster but this recipe has my mouth watering. This would be great to try before the summer is over!

Chrome Android by Sakimi Chan
I love Sakimi Chan’s work, and have been following along for a while. This illustration is one of my favorites, I’m a sucker for anything futuristic.


What are your faves this week? Any lobster recipes you can recommend?

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6 years ago

so cool to see your friday posts back :)
love that E it’s awesome! and that lobster looks so good :)

6 years ago

That lobster looks insane. Yay for not being allergic to shellfish. I’m a seafood addict myself, it’s one of the few things I’m NOT allergic to.

6 years ago

Yay! I missed your Friday posts! I missed all of your posts! Glad you’re back!