Learning Japanese

Learning Japanese

Hi everyone! So normally I don’t post very personal things here, but as you could guess from the post title, I’m attempting to learn Japanese, on my own. Not to master the language, obviously, but enough to hold a basic conversation and read common phrases.

I wanted to share my journey in trying to learn as much as I can over the next year, since in 2016 I’ll be taking a trip to Tokyo – my ultimate dream destination. I’m beyond thrilled. There’s no set date yet, either spring or fall, but I want to learn as much of the language in that time as I can. I’ve already started learning a few months ago, but since my blog was on hiatus I’m just posting this now.

I also can’t stress this enough – I’m doing this for fun, because learning new things is exciting.. I’m fully aware I’m embarking on this on my own, and know it’s no small undertaking, but I like learning new things and want to be as prepared for my trip as possible. Plus…have I mentioned it’s fun?

The proper way to lean any language is to learn from a native speaker or take classes, but since I don’t have either option available to me, I’m doing it alone. And I’m determined to do it right, and use the best resources available.

I’m planning on doing a series of posts, highlighting the best tools I’ve found, the best apps, best books, etc. as I go on this journey. If you’re interested in following along, great! I’d love to have you. And if any of my readers speak Japanese, PLEASE tell me if I’m doing something wrong! Seriously. (Like…is my banner correct? I used a translate service so if it’s wrong let me know!) I’m excited to share in this journey with you! Look for the first “real” post next week ^^

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6 years ago

This is so awesome!! I’m horrible at learning other languages! So I wish you lots of luck!

6 years ago

Ha! It’s SO tough… Your banner is definitely correct though ;) Are you learning hiragana, katakana and kanji, or just speaking and listening? It’s really difficult to do all of them at once, especially on your own. I found Memrise was best for hiragana and katakana (but not much else, beyond very basic greetings and stuff – for me) I used WaniKani for kanji, which was great, but became completely overwhelming, workload-wise and my subscription has lapsed. But you could get to level 10 or so and have it manageable. I used JapanesePod101 for listening and speaking, but again, I… Read more »