What I Wore | Jedi Dress

I bought this awesome Jedi Dress by We Love Fine from Think Geek back in December for the premiere of Star Wars. Can we say awesome?

Kyla Is Inspired | Jedi Dress
Kyla Is Inspired | Jedi Dress
Kyla Is Inspired | Jedi Dress

The best part about this dress is it can be worn either with the hood up (like a true Jedi) or down as a cowl for a more elegant look. I’ve worn this dress to work with a cardigan a few times and everyone keeps complimenting me on my patterned scarf! ;)

I do prefer it with the hood up, but it’s not exactly a typical look. Fun to wear though! I paired it with some brown lace up boots and threw a sweater on because it’s cold. Since it’s sleeveless, I’m looking forward to wearing it during warmer weather.

Kyla Is Inspired | Jedi Dress

Oh, and if you’re not a fan of the Jedi, they also have a Sith dress. Which means I have to ask… are you a jedi or sith?

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6 years ago

LOVE THIS!! Your dress is so so so cute!