Cosplay | Kyoko Sakura

Alternately titled: Snacking On Pocky And Apples.

I’m *officially* a magical girl!

I love how sassy Kyoko is, and it was a last-minute decision to make her “casual” outfit last summer (and I’m just now getting around to posting, oops).

Kyla Cosplay | Kyoko Sakura
Kyla Cosplay | Kyoko Sakura

Costume Details

Wig: Ponytail wigs usually don’t agree with me (I even have 3 from Arda) so at the last minute I bought this wig on amazon hoping it would fit better than Arda, and it did!. I only did minimal trimming to the bangs and sprayed the ponytail pieces to stay up. While the wig was relatively comfortable, though as you can see from these photos, photographed a bit shiny. I’d recommend tougher fibers (and splurging on an Arda or Epic Cosplay) if you’re doing this cosplay. If shininess doesn’t matter, definitely go with amazon!

Hoodie: I used an old hoodie to pattern this out, which I found to be easier than my original mock-up using a pattern. Since it’s not fitted, it was ok to have the hoodie fit a little big. I just traced my favorite hoodie on the fabric and cut it out. The fabric is a stretch jersey and the white stripes were hand painted on before I sewed the whole thing together. The center is doubled in fabric so it’s really warm. I bought a duel zipper on amazon but the bottom doesn’t unzip all the way so it kind of ended up as a pullover :>

Shorts: Super simple…I just hot glued fur onto a pair of denim shorts. Done!

Boots: Bought on amazon for $20.

Kyla Cosplay | Kyoko Sakura
Kyla Cosplay | Kyoko Sakura

All photos: Rob Logan Media

Which Madoka character is your favorite?

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5 years ago

I am in love with the first photo, it’s purely amazing! Props to the photographer, and to you of course for the cosplay. It’s my first time on your blog and I like your work a lot! ^^