I recently decided to revamp and old illustration of mine (circa 2009), but I wanted to try doing it as both a vector and digital painting. I’m primarily a vector artist; all my illustrations are done in illustrator, and I haven’t colored anything in photoshop in about 6 years. So to challenge myself, I did the same girl in both formats! I started with the same sketch for each, and I think the results are pretty interesting.

Digital Painting v. Vector

Creating the vector was easy, since it’s a format I use all the time. I like the way she turned out!

Digital Painting v. Vector
Digital Painting v. Vector

The digital painting was more challenging; like I mentioned, I haven’t colored in photoshop in years. This didn’t take quite as long as the vector, but oh man was it challenging! One thing I like about painting is that things shade so easily. With vectors, each individual shape is drawn by hand, so it’s very time-intensive. I loved just swiping my pen and immediately seeing shading happen!

Digital Painting v. Vector
Digital Painting v. Vector

I definitely need practice in photoshop if I’m going to continue with digital paintings, since it got frustrating at times (although that tends to happen while trying new things). I ended up liking the ethereal look of the painting, it’s so different from the geometric shapes of the vector. Isn’t it funny looking at the same drawing different ways?

If you’re a digital artist, what programs do you use? Do you do digital paintings or vectors?

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One thought on “Digital Painting v. Vector

  • February 27, 2016 at 4:14 am

    Wow both are amazing! I like how it’s the same subject, but both are so different and unique in their own way!


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