Cosplay | Shinoa – Owari no Seraph

Today I have a fun post…I’m sharing my Hiiragi Shinoa cosplay, from the anime Owari no Seraph! I wore this to Anime Boston 2016.

I’m very pleased with how the whole costume turned out, I spent a lot of time sewing and even more time making the scythe. But I am loving how these photos came out!

Hiiragi Shinoa | Kyla Is Inspired
Hiiragi Shinoa | Kyla Is Inspired
Hiiragi Shinoa | Kyla Is Inspired
Hiiragi Shinoa | Kyla Is Inspired

Continue under the cut for details on how I made the costume!

Costume Details

CAPE: This cape took me a few failed patterns to get right, but it’s basically a normal hooded cape with the back open, lined in green. The front collar is velcro’d shut for easy removal. My go-to cape pattern is Simplicity 1582.
Hiiragi Shinoa | Kyla Is Inspired

JACKET: I drafted this jacket pattern myself, piecing together a few jacket patterns I already owned. It took 4 mock-ups before it looked right. I decided to get the effect of the “flap” on the front, I would velcro it together on one side, and sew the other side down. Probably not the most efficient, but I’m abysmal at sewing actual button holes, so I figured velcro would be best. It ended up working out ok, and was easy to take on and off.
Hiiragi Shinoa | Kyla Is Inspired

SKIRT: I made a mini-mockup for this one! Sewing strips of green and black together, I was able to pleat the black and still have green “triangles” showing.
Hiiragi Shinoa | Kyla Is Inspired

BOOTS: I bought these boots on Amazon, and they’re amazing suede-like wedges. I cut a triangle into the front and attached white bias tape along the edge, and added gold buttons. To get the gold tip on the bottom of the boot, I used some leftover 4-way stretch gold fabric I had and hot glued it.

WIG: Nope, didn’t style this one. Bought it from Kasous cosplay wig shop, and all I did was trim the bangs.

SCYTHE:…Yikes. I attribute the success of this scythe to Bill from Unified Guitars, who held my hand the entire way making this. The handle is 3/4″ MDF with chamfered edges, and the blade is 1/2″ thick insulation foam with a backing of 1/8″ MDF for support. Bill has an X-Carve which is a machine that will cut anything for you no matter how detailed, but I am sure with patience you could achieve the detailed edges using a regular band saw. It was about 20 hours of work, with the most work going into filling, sanding, and shaping. To get the shiny green color, we used Tamiya Candy Lime Green auto body paint.
Hiiragi Shinoa | Kyla Is Inspired

Have you watched Owari no Seraph? If you haven’t, it’s a great anime that came out last year and I recommend it!


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aaaah, you’re cosplays are better better and better every time! I absolutely love the scythe you made for this one. It looks really really cool (and kind of scary!) in the photos. It was a lot of work, but your Hiiragi Shinoa cosplay turned out gorgeous! :) xo

Not familiar with this anime (yet), but your cosplay looks amazing! Very cool to see the process as well, especially for that scythe! :D

OMG! That scythe looks insanely good! The whole outfit is perfect – you really nailed Shinoa’s style.

This is a fantastic post! Are you on bloglovin?

You look fantastic! What an awesome job!

This is PERFECT! I recently watched the show and I loved it so much you really did an amazing job on the whole costume and the the scythe WOW I love it xoxo

I haven’t watched it yet but I’ve heard awesome things! That cosplay is spectacular! I can’t believe you sewed that all AND made the scythe yourself!! Very talented<3

I can’t believe you made the scythe yourself, it looks awesome – the whole cosplay does. Nice job!

You look AMAZING!! I always wanted to dress up as my favourite character – if only we had cosplay here, or at least some even to attend to! Can’t believe that you actually made ALL of your outfit – you’re incredible!