Spring Favorites

I’m here writing this Spring post and I’m laughing because I have a snow day and am sitting at home in my PJ’s. Is it really Spring? It sure doesn’t feel like it.

Anyway, once the weather does start getting warmer, here are some of my favorites for this season:

Kyla Is Inspired | Spring Favorites

Chibimoon Bracelet – I have two necklaces from this same seller on etsy (both Sailor Moon themed), and I love this Chibimoon charm bracelet. Adorable!

Zip Pouch – Loving the colors in this ban.do pouch – I love keeping essentials in pouches like that at cons, and since spring means con season for me, this is perfect.

Cat “Neko” Earrings – Cat earrings! These are so cute.

Back Up Charger – Speaking of con season, I always have a back up charger on me. Why not make it cute & stylish, too?

Nike Sneakers – Lately I’ve been taking 2+ mile walks everyday during my lunch break, and my feet have not been pleased! So I’m on the hunt for cute sneakers that will keep my feet happy.

Sakura Bath Bomb – I feel like I’m way late to the party, but I only just discovered bath bombs a few months ago. This sakura scent would be perfect for spring!

What are your favorites for Spring?

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That charm bracelet and pouch are SOOO cute!

5 years ago

That bracelet is AMAZING!! *whisps off to buy them all* I love the idea of a Sakura bath bomb as well.

5 years ago

SNOW DAY?! Eesh, I don’t think I’d survive outside of California:P I’m so in love with that Chibimoon bracelet, and the Neko earrings are adorable!

5 years ago

I love those Maneki Neko earrings! I used to have handmade studs similar to them, but I have no idea where they got to.