Happy Friday!

Happy friday, everyone! I’m very excited because this weekend is PAX East! One of the largest conventions I go to each year. Here’s a slightly video-game related post for today :)

Happy Friday!
Happy Friday!

The Legend of Zelda by Van Orton Design
I love the futuristic feel of this illustration…it reminds me of Tron in the best way. Van Orton (twin brothers) have the most incredible style that needs to be seen.

D.Va fanart by Jayjiwoo Park
Overwatch has been huge so far, and they just closed the beta. I remember all the hype at last year’s PAX, and I’m sure there’s going to be a lot more this year. This is one of my favorite fan pieces of the cutest character, D.Va.

The Triangle Experiment by Minga Studios
This project is worth looking at – there are 10 total pieces and they’re very simple but sleek – this particular one was my favorite because of the colors.

I hope you all have lovely weekends, whatever you’re doing!

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6 years ago

That Zelda poster is STUNNING! I need that in my life. Hope you enjoyed PAX East. Can’t wait to see your Cosplay for the con