Happy Saturday!

Whew – I’m back from Tokyo! And missed posting this yesterday…whoops :) I’ve taken some time to wrap my head around being back and getting back into a routine – always weird after a long vacation. And I feel like it’s extra strange that it’s almost Halloween – where did October go?? Obviously Halloween is one of my favorite days (hello costumes)…so here’s a few things this week to get into that spooky spirit:

Happy Friday!
Happy Friday!

Bat Balloons Oooh…spooky! I wish I was throwing a Halloween party because these huge bat balloons are amazing!

Overwatch Update This Mercy skin is everything…I don’t normally play her but I’m really hoping she comes in one of my crates. Which Halloween skin is your favorite?

Witch’s Brew Cocktail How fab does this look? It uses both Viniq and dry ice…I really want to try this out. Head over to Pizzazzerie to check out the recipe!

What are you most excited for this Halloween? Will you be hosting or attending any fun parties?

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