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So we’re deep in the middle of winter with tons of snow on the ground, and I realized I never shared my Tennis Rosalina photos – so here’s a total summer costume flashback! These photos were taken at Connecticon last July, and I’ll be bringing this costume to PAX East next March. And I think Sadie from Sadie By Design will be Tennis Peach :)

Kyla Is Inspired | Tennis Rosalina Cosplay
Kyla Is Inspired | Tennis Rosalina Cosplay

To be honest, I made this dress because I had so much fabric left over from making my Rosalina gown early last year, that I didn’t want to let it go to waste.

Costume Details

DRESS: The dress itself isn’t a difficult pattern; I used Simplicity 4070 (a go-to of mine) but any sort of high-necked, flare skirt pattern should work. My (minor) modifications included: cutting an upside-down “V” in the front, adding a pleated trim to the bottom, and adding the little collar, with heavy-duty interfacing for strength.

CROWN: The crown has a foam base, covered in worbla. I cast the gems in resin (I have a mini resin tutorial here). I attached the crown to a headband, also painted silver. When I attach it to the wig, I use hidden bobby pins to keep the headband In place.

SNEAKERS: I bought these sneakers on Amazon. I stuffed the toes, put masking tape over the toe for a straight line, and painted the toe white.

RACKET: I found this racket at my local Dick’s for around $20 – it was already teal. I wrapped some leftover fabric around the handle to tie it into the whole look. Then, I painted the slats white (spray paint would be best, but I used acrylic). Rosalina has a star on her racket which I didn’t add here, but plan to paint on for PAX.

Kyla Is Inspired | Tennis Rosalina  Cosplay
Kyla Is Inspired | Tennis Rosalina  Cosplay

So, on a scale from 1-10, how painfully obvious is it that I have no idea how to actually play tennis? I thought I was doing great while I was posing, but when I got them back I just… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Cosplayers, what advise can you give for posing as a character/or doing an activity you’re not familiar with?

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5 years ago

Cannot WAIT until PAX to get some photos with you as tennis Peach!!