Wow – almost 2 weeks gone of 2017! I’m heading off to a winter wonderland wedding this weekend and am looking forward to relaxing a bit. We finally got hit hard with snow and I’m trying to finish my Winter Belle costume quickly to get some photos.

Happy Friday!
Kyla Is Inspired | Happy Friday!

Geo Bomber Jacket | I love the funky colors and shapes on this bomber jacket. I personally don’t own a bomber jacket, but if I needed to get one this would be it.

Emili Magical Girl Enamel Pin 1 | Emili Kimono Girl Enamel Pin 2 | Have I mentioned how much I adore collecting enamel pins? Bonus if they’re cute girls wearing Kimonos! Stami Studios on Etsy has a lot of fun pins to choose from.

Snow White by MeoMai | Have you seen Jessica’s art? She does stylized characters that are so gorgeous to look at.

What are you loving this week?

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